Garimark Foods

Our Capabilities

Product Offerings

At GariMark Foods, we specialize in value-added poultry products. From premium ready-to- cook breaded tenders to our Zippy® Spicy Bone-in Wing Sections, we have the items you need to meet your customers’ demand while not breaking the budget. Our product lines include breaded chicken tenders of all kinds as well as fillets, nuggets, strips, wings, patties, and so much more. We offer a variety of breading styles, flavors and sizes to fit your needs. Our goal is to be your single source for consistent, versatile, flavor-packed chicken!

Amongst our newest product offerings is our delicious Burger CHICKS® chicken patties offered in both Original and Savory flavors. These patties break the mold when it comes to quality and wholesomeness! Made with high quality dark and white meat chicken and seasoned with wholesome ingredients, the Burger CHICKS® Original Chicken Patty has no water, fillers, bulking agents, mechanically separated meat, or binders added – in fact, it’s also gluten-free! So the next time you’re looking for a new and exciting option for the grill, try our Burger CHICKS®.

Sourcing and Securing Raw Materials

At Garimark Foods, we take pride in our buying team and trust they will secure raw materials at the most competitive prices in the market. We understand that price is a huge driver for your sourcing strategies, and we stay on top of fluctuating market trends, enabling us to offer the same competitive pricing on all of our products. We are vigilant about the suppliers we use for proteins, seasonings, coating systems, packaging, and every part of the products we sell. We choose suppliers that meet all of our price, inventory, and capacity needs.

Above all, we consider the safety and security of our suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers to be the most important part of what we buy. This is why we demand that every product supplier meet the highest food safety, HACCP, and USDA Biosecurity requirements. All of our products meet every federal, state, and local guideline – whether it’s the chicken we buy, the breading we create, or the boxes we ship. Every time we make a buying decision, we have you in mind. So when you think of a quality, consistent supplier that knows and understands just what you are up against, think of Garimark Foods!

Product Customization

At GariMark Foods, we understand that professional suppliers are key to your business. You need partners that are responsive, easy to communicate with, and timely. After all, this business isn’t just about selling and taking orders anymore; it takes strategic planning, marketing, and promoting. Foodservice operators and customers alike have evolved beyond good products at great prices. At GariMark Foods, we take time to understand your needs and the needs of your customers. As your valued partner, we work hard to set your brand apart, offering private labeling, special sizing, as well as custom flavors, textures, and appearances. Let us help you set your brand apart from the competition by creating a product your customers will return to buy time after time.

Product Distribution

Time and efficiency are important in today’s fast paced market. Our distribution team has the mission of helping customers meet their deadlines by moving products safely, efficiently and timely. Our team works with only reliable and committed professionals who are available around the clock, all year round. We are your single point of contact and follow your order from the plant to your warehouse every time.

As our customer, you are more than just a number. Through our hands-on customer service, we strive to deliver beyond your expectations. We offer LTL (less than truckload shipping) options for smaller orders and consolidated freight services for larger orders so we can lower the transportation costs and provide competitive shipping rates.