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Foodservice distributors buy, sell, store and deliver food products to foodservice operators. They are critical partners in making “food away from home” a possibility. Our foodservice distributors serve any market from grocery to hotel. They are an important channel for new product information and offer value added services to food operators including; menu planning, food safety, food trends, market information and business analysis. They keep their pulse on what’s happening in the food industry and share their expertise with us so that we can deliver consistent, safe, flavorful, poultry products that meet the demands of the industry. For our foodservice distributors, we offer a full array of poultry products including chicken tenders, fillets, nuggets, strips, wings, patties and so much more! From premium ready to cook breaded tenders to our Zippy® Spicy Bone-in Wing Sections, we have the items you need to meet your customers’ demands while still offering competitive pricing.

Amongst our newest product offerings is our delicious Burger CHICKS® chicken patties offered in both Original and Savory flavors. These patties break the mold when it comes to quality and wholesomeness! Made with high quality dark and white meat chicken and seasoned with wholesome ingredients, the Burger CHICKS® Original Chicken Patty is all- natural and has no water, fillers, bulking agents, mechanically separated meat, or binders added – in fact, it’s also gluten-free and allergen free! So the next time you’re looking for a new and exciting option for the grill, try our Burger CHICKS®.

Item #10024


Item #10024 – RTC Golden Chicken Breast Tenderloin Fritter is our top seller at GariMark Foods! This traditional chicken breast tenderloin has a crispy golden-brown breading and savory garlic flavor. It’s an excellent choice as an appetizer, kid’s meal, lunch or dinner.

Other GariMark Tender Favorites to consider

Item #23090 – RTC Traditional Crunch Chicken Breast Tenderloin
Item #66156 – RTC Savory Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloin
Item #18130 – RTC Homestyle Savory Chicken Breast Tenderloin Fritter
Item #18500 – FC Traditional Crunch Chicken Breast Tenderloin

If you are a foodservice distributor, we would love to hear from you! Our goal is to be your single source for consistent, versatile, flavor-packed chicken!
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