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Grocery stores are constantly looking for new food items that appeal to consumers. Without a doubt, most retailers are making a more concerted effort to align their offerings with culinary trends and paying more attention to activity on the restaurant side. Dinner is an opportunity to provide freshly prepared foods that can become an established meal staple for consumers. Healthier options and food items portioned for one or two individuals are growing increasingly popular. At GariMark Foods, we are proud to present Burger CHICKS®, by Brands United LLC. These chicken burgers are all-natural, made with high quality dark and white meat chicken and seasoned with wholesome ingredients! Offered in two different flavor profiles, Original and Savory, and packaged with three patties in a bag- this chicken burger is one of a kind.

Additionally, more and more consumers are choosing supermarket delis in favor of restaurants. As deli popularity grows, you can capture more traffic by focusing on high quality, healthy and flavorful dishes. Creating a premium deli perception will help attract customers and grow your business. At GariMark Foods, we offer a full array of healthy, fully-cooked products that provide quick, convenient food preparation for consumers on the go.

Finally,convenience stores are appealing to customers who want to get in and out of the store quickly. In the last decade, convenience stores have continued to evolve from gas stations that happen to sell food to food retailers that happen to sell gas. Convenience store operators continue to view foodservice as a growth category that represents a major point of opportunity. Customers increasingly view c-stores as a valid meal destination, increasing the demand for quality prepared food and beverages. From salads to sandwiches, we have just the right fully-cooked items to satisfy your customers.

Consider These Items

Burger CHICKS®

Item #90440 – Original Ground Chicken Burger, 4 oz.
Item #91440 – Savory Ground Chicken Burger, 4 oz.
Item #90453 – Original Ground Chicken Burger, 5.3 oz.
Item #91453 – Savory Ground Chicken Burger, 5.3 oz.

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